Karate self-defense | martial art

About Right2Fight

R2F Martial Art Academy stands for Right 2 Fight Martial Art Academy and our main motive is to aware individuals about their rights and prepares them to fight for their own rights. In today’s scenario there are many threats that are attacking us like Rapes, Robbery, Sexual and physical  harassment.

R2F Martial Art Academy prepares all the individuals with advance self defense techniques to protect themselves in any above mention combat situation. R2F Martial Art Academy also prepares individual for various sports tournament for different level such as school, district, national and international level. All proper techniques and knowledge which open various opportunities for individuals in fitness industry, Indian Army, Delhi Police, Haryana Police etc.

R2F Martial Art Academy founded by Shihan Dushyant Saini and Sensei Diwaker Saini in year 2009. They both are well versed technically as Shihan Dushyant Saini is 6th DAN Black Belt Champion and Sansei Diwaker Saini is 4th DAN Black Belt Champion.

About Our Branches

R2F Martial Art Academy registered from Haryana government and recognized from Karate Sports of India and Karate Association of India . We are having 22 branches in Haryana and 56 branches in India. Currently more than 51 Instructors associated with R2F Martial Art Academy. All the associated Instructors are proper knowledge of all martial art forms ( karate, Self-defense, kickboxing, grappling, Road fight) .

About our Martial Art Forms

We at r2f martial Art Academy teach various Martial Art forms such as Karate, Taekwondo, self defense, Kick-boxing,Grappling training in all our branches. Martial Art has various benefits such as it Reduce Stress, Boost Confidence Levels, Improved Coordination, Burn Calories, Cross-Training Workout, Improve energy level etc.

We also have various weight loss and weight gain programs in which customized plan created for individuals as per their weight goals and fitness level, in this customized plan we provide them with various exercise schedules which targets their goal and advice relating to their diet requirements is also provided.

 you are looking for the best Karate training, then you can take Karate class near me and Delhi NCR from Right2Fight that is popular for providing the best Karate classes all over India. Karate is not only considered as one of the best sports activities, but it is focuse on providing the self-defence classes for boy and girls starting with the age of 4 years to 60 years. The team on Right2Fight has been rewarde with the Mixed Martial Arts certification and hence, provides the best Martial arts classes in Gurgaon. 

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